The textile industry is a large consumer of water. Therefore, correct water treatment is required for good results in final product, process, environment, and the economy. A number of processes within the textile industry involve water. For instance, water is produced for boiler water, humidification, and rinse water which are used in the treatment of textiles.

The textile sector faces its own challenges in wastewater treatment as well. High salt concentrations are typical for the wastewater in this sector. Anaerobic treatment combined with aerobic after treatment leads to good results on COD removal. Combined with other technologies, even water reuse is an option. To reach this high standards, knowledge and experience have to go hand in hand. We offer this combination. By doing so, we come one step closer to our goal: get people back in charge of their ecological footprint and treat wastewater as a valuable resource.

The technology for treatment of industrial wastewater produced in the textile industry is able to separate aqueous dyes, bleaching agents, and mechanical particles from polluted industrial wastewater coming from industrial process. The treatment principle consists in chemical stabilization, precipitation, and sedimentation or flotation, with subsequent filtration and dewatering in a filter press.


Boiler Water Treatment

Effluent Treatment

Salt Recovery

Sewage Treatment

Wastewater Treatment / Recycling

Water Clarification

Water Softening

Water Usage in Wet Processes

Rinse water is used in wet treatment processes, e.g. pretreatment, coloring, printing, and then treatment of textiles. During pre-treatment, unwanted substances, which were added in previous production processes, are washed out. When coloring and printing textiles, softened water should be used to gain best results. Finally, surplus substances from the coloring and printing are washed out.

Environmental Impact

An important purpose of water treatment is to minimize the environmental impact, i.e. use of chemicals, environmentally harmful substances, and quantity of discharged wastewater.

WATERTEC Mobile Water Solutions

WATERTEC’s mobile fleet includes a wide range of technologies for temporary, emergency and long-term water & wastewater treatment applications, including Reverse Osmosis (RO), Clarification / Softening, and more.

WATERTEC Standard Products

Pre-engineered for fast implementation, WATERTEC offers a comprehensive line of pre-engineered, skid-mounted products for industry applications where a custom design is not required. These technologies include Reverse Osmosis (RO), Filtration, Ion Exchange, and Wastewater Treatment.