CEO’s Message

CEO's Message

WATERTEC is a market leader in North India in its unique space, with a national footprint across the country. Over the past decade, WATERTEC has built and consolidated its presence in many states. Specially WATERTEC’s RODM plants installations help for many public and private energy company to establish their production and finishing their projects on time. By this way we save lot of money and time in public for help the Nation every year. Having a dynamic workforce of over 100 employees, WATERTEC is proud to support a culture in which our employees are respected and empowered as the company’s most valued assets.

Our project managers, manage the execution of turnkey water treatment plant across the country. We ensure the commissioning and training of site personnel. Above all, we remain fully at your disposal throughout the project and thereafter.

WATERTEC offers creative value-added solutions with a combination of technologies and innovative services oriented towards energy and water savings in order to:

  • Integrity  
  • Invent         
  • Commitment
  • Client value

WATERTEC draws upon its decades of experience to provide clients with the most advanced systems and plants available in the marketplace today. Always our offering: the best in-class treatment plants with cost-effective designs, still we take that model to the next level with after-sales assistance, intelligent engineering and applied technology services. Because of our proven designs, our latest technologies are now available to large numbers of industries in India.

Because of the above reasons, WATERTEC is an ideal partner for companies active in power, food, beverages, chemicals, pharmaceutical and textiles. We can help you save your money in a green way.

During the fourth quarter of 2022 – 2023, we have completed our write the name of latest project here and, importantly, we have reformulated our overall approach for the project installations this year. Our fresh approach is reflected in our plans for the remainder of 2023 – 2024. For the last cupule of years, we polished ourselves and continuing growing of 100% in every year.

WATERTEC is now a benchmark in terms of the implementation of water treatment products.  WATERTEC Is now one of the best and reputed brands in some area and preferable company in some of industry.

If you have any idea to improves, any suggestions about us or any requirement, please do not hesitate to contact me anytime at [email protected]. Or you may reach us +919871151318.