Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

The water used in oil and gas sector must be continuously supplied and treated. From the production of process water to effluent treatment, each segment has its own technical, economic and environmental constraints. From the extraction of crude oil or gas to crude oil refining or gas liquefaction operations, WATERTEC offers concrete, feasible and solutions:

Aerobic & Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment Systems

Chemical & Biological Treatments

Industrial Effluent Treatment

Ion Exchange

Media & Cartridge Filtration

Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR), Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) and Moving Bed Bio Reactor (MBBR)

Nanofiltration & Reverse Osmosis

Oil / Water Separation

Oxidation & Disinfection Treatment

Reverse Osmosis Units

Sea Water Desalination Units



You can request us for your site assessment and we will provide you with recommendations on possible improvements with operating and capital cost estimates. We can pilot these technologies on your application and integrate them into existing wastewater treatment systems to improve the operation or reduce operational expense at your plant.

Extraction Wastewater Treatment

We clean the water to meet local discharge requirements or purify it for reuse purpose. We also clean produced water from traditional oil recovery, SAGD and fracking.

Creation of Potable & Injection Water (If required)

If you start with water from bore hole (well), river, lake or the ocean, we can purify it to the quality that you need. We will use latest technologies to produce the quality of water required for your operation at each site.

Drill Cuttings

We design portable treatment systems to treat the wastewater generated during the drilling process.

WATERTEC Mobile Water Solutions

WATERTEC’s mobile fleet includes a wide range of technologies for temporary, emergency and long-term water & wastewater treatment applications, including Reverse Osmosis (RO), Clarification / Softening, and more.

WATERTEC Standard Products

Pre-engineered for fast implementation, WATERTEC offers a comprehensive line of pre-engineered, skid-mounted products for industry applications where a custom design is not required. These technologies include Reverse Osmosis (RO), Filtration, Ion Exchange, and Wastewater Treatment.