EDI Plants

Electrodeionization ( EDI ) Plants

Demineralization or Deionization is a process of removing mineral salts from water by using the ion exchange method. In case of most natural water sources, it is possible to use Demineralization and produce water of a higher quality than conventional distillation.


Electrodeionization ( EDI ) Plants

EDI Plants

Electro deionization is one of the most advanced technologies for ion exchange. With this technology, (ultra) pure water can be produced continuously. Electro deionization plant is also known as EDI Plant in our industry. An EDI plant is used after reverse osmosis process for polishing of demineralized water to procure low levels of conductivity and silica. EDI is an alternative to a conventional mixed-bed polisher. The quality of the product from an EDI plant depends on the incoming feed water quality to the electrodeionization system. EDI technology is higher in demand wherever there is requirement of highly pure water. Power plants, pharmaceutical industries, manufacturing process, chemical and laboratory industries require this ultrapure water. EDI plants can be highly effective at these places and processes.

Plant Description

Flow rates of these plants are up to 60 m3/h. WATERTEC EDI Plants are offered as standard modules as well as custom-made as per customer requirements. EDI Plants with a capacity of 60 m3/h completely demineralized the water with a very low conductivity and silica acid content for producing boiler water for high pressure steam turbine. The pipe system for treated water is made in PP (Polypropylene) connected by welding and each takes around 15-20 minutes to make.

EDI plants include:

  • Control panel
  • EDI modules
  • Electrical valves and fittings
  • Feed pump (optional)
  • Instrumentation
  • Resistivity probe

All components can be operated with a single controller.


WATERTEC EDI plants are in high demand because of their powerful assembly, high performance and trouble-free operation & installation. Electrodeionization is a continuous process with chemical-free regeneration, that is why the regeneration downtime is eliminated and storage and handling of acid and lye are avoided. These plants are space-saving because of very compact design. The plants offer highest quality, require low maintenance, and their operational reliability is very high. The WATERTEC EDI Plant is superior to a conventional mixed-bed deionization system both in ease of operation and maintenance. In addition, no chemicals are used for regeneration. The EDI Plants are modular, so they can be designed for various capacities and easily expanded when required.


EDI Plants come complete and are also skid mounted. All plants are tested before delivery. The main components included are:

  • All Safeguards and Alarms
  • Auto Incoming Water Diverter Valves W/Controls
  • Auto Product Water Diverter Valves W/Controls
  • Controller
  • EDI Cells
  • Flow Meters
  • Flow Switch
  • Incoming Water Conductivity Meter
  • Power Supply
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Resistivity Monitor


  • Compact, heavy duty, powder coated frame
  • Conservatively engineered for reliable long term performance
  • Cost effective operation & maintenance
  • Easily expandable modular design
  • Factory tested for trouble-free operation
  • Generate ultrapure water
  • In combination with reverse osmosis pre-treatment, it removes more than 99.9% of ions from water
  • Low power consumption
  • No chemical regeneration needed
  • Non pollution, safety and reliability
  • Product quality up to 18 megaohms is possible with these systems
  • Proven components used throughout the system
  • Removes all the dissolved elements
  • Simple and continuous operation


  • Biotechnology
  • Boiler Feed Water at Heat and Power Plants
  • Chemical Industry
  • Cosmetic
  • Electronics
  • Food and beverage
  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories
  • Microelectronics
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Removing Trace Quantities of Contaminants
  • Semiconductors
  • Ultrapure USP Water
  • Water for Injectables (WFI)

Customized Solution

Selection of a plant depends on application, water quality and water consumption. Our water experts are at your service to ensure the best customized solution.