Company Profile

WATERTEC Enterprises: Redefining the definition of water in India

WATERTEC provides water & wastewater treatment solutions for all type of applications, from various industrial turnkey plants to municipal projects. Our wide range of cutting-edge technologies and extended know-how in all water-related sectors ensures a cost-effective solution which meets all your water quality requirements.

CEO's Message

WATERTEC is a market leader in North India in its unique space, with a national footprint across the country. Over the past decade, WATERTEC has built and consolidated its presence in many states. WATERTEC's water & wastewater installations help in reducing energy and operations cost every year. Having a dynamic workforce of over 50 employees, WATERTEC is proud to support a culture in which our employees are respected and empowered as the company's most valued assets.

Company Vision & Mission

Our company's vision is simple but still ambitious:

  • To become one of the India's leading independent water projects company

To achieve this, we are implementing an ambitious programme across the country, capitalizing on the breadth of our team's experience, our leadership, and our in-depth knowledge of the region in which we operate.

Company Values

Our values only set us apart from other players in water industry. We combine our sharp entrepreneurial instincts with a definitive approach to risks and responsibilities.

Our corporate values can be described into the following three aspects:

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

WATERTEC is a leading Indian water company in the design, supply and installation of water and wastewater treatment solutions.

The company recognizes its responsibilities to its staff, customers, the general public and the environment. As a socially conscious entity we work with a variety of stakeholders and recognize that our approach to our activities needs to address a variety of concerns and interests.


WATERTEC continues to meet leading national quality standards in its work in the fields of water and wastewater treatment and consultancy services.

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