Company Profile

WATERTEC Enterprises: Redefining the definition of water in India

WATERTEC provides water & wastewater treatment solutions for all type of applications, from various industrial turnkey plants to municipal projects. Our wide range of cutting-edge technologies and extended know-how in all water-related sectors ensures a cost-effective solution which meets all your water quality requirements.


WATERTEC routinely deals with clients from various segments: municipalities, hotels and resorts requiring safe drinking water for their guests, and industries like power plants, chemical & pharmaceuticals factories, and textiles requiring specific process water for their equipment.

WATERTEC designs, installs and maintains water and wastewater treatment plants for industrial and municipal applications using its cutting-edge technologies and equipment. With more than 500 installations in India till now, WATERTEC is a leader in Industrial and Municipal Wastewater Treatment.

WATERTEC's full scope of services range from feasibility studies and complex front-end engineering design to manufacturing of systems and components and undertaking construction, installation and commissioning of complete plants as well as long-term operations and maintenance, meeting the breadth and depth of customer requirements across the water treatment value chain. WATERTEC also offers and executes best-in-class operations, maintenance and services across the country.

Main Assets

An integrated water & wastewater solutions company

Procuring components directly from the manufactures of products

Technical and technological expertise that spans 20 years

Water resource optimization

A diversified offer: design, installation, and maintenances


Beyond its line management structure, WATERTEC's smooth running depends on the dynamic relations of its management for the purpose of sharing its know-how, providing a source for capitalizing on and ensuring ongoing improvements in all water segments

Sales Team

WATERTEC's organizational structure reflects a simple objective: to satisfy its customers. WATERTEC has structured itself so it will always be able to maintain relations at ground level with its customers. Its organizational structure is defined according to geographical areas, with project managers overseeing a team of engineers and technicians on site who work in support of industrial and municipal operators.

Support Team

Our support team contributes to the success of business through the timely support they provide. For a responsive, good-quality service, our Customer Service Department is centered at our Head Office and benefits from infrastructure enabling an effective response to customers.

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